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Poster design contest entries go on show

2020-05-15 10:29:27

The latest collection of works for Together We Win poster design competition for China-Bangladesh fight COVID-19 is freshly out.

A new series examines the lives of Asian Americans

2020-05-15 09:22:36

SAN FRANCISCO-A five-episode documentary series entitled Asian Americans has been released in the United States, with its first two episodes premiering on the Public Broadcasting Service on Monday.

Chinese and Egyptian musicians, far apart, still hit inspiring note

2020-05-15 08:32:57

CAIRO-As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, Chinese and Egyptian musicians, thousands of kilometers apart, staged a virtual performance of the Triumphal March from Aida, using music to soothe suffering hearts and inspire people in these difficult times.

National Art Museum reopens with daily cap of 500 visitors

2020-05-14 15:18:16

The National Art Museum of China reopened from Wednesday with a daily cap of 500 visitors, as the country’s COVID-19 cases ebb and public venues are resuming operation in an orderly manner.

National Library of China partially opens to readers

2020-05-14 13:40:52

The National Library of China partiatially resumes operation on May 12, 2020. Only southern section of the main venue of the library will reopen first while the rest of library will remain closed.

Orchestra bridges social distance with fans via online shows

2020-05-14 10:04:20

Virus recognizes no border, neither does music. Yet, while the former is divisive, the latter unites.

Museums in China set to mark day

2020-05-14 08:38:11

Updates on China's upcoming International Museum Day celebration were released on Monday as the novel coronavirus epidemic wanes in the country.

Exhibition of the millennium

2020-05-14 08:07:25

Highly-rated historical dramas have become an additional channel to promote China's glorious past, arousing a great deal of public interest in the events, figures, arts, culture and social norms of the featured periods. The Longest Day in Chang'an, for example, a 2019 suspense drama, brought the zen

Intangible cultural heritage, tourism key to poverty reduction

2020-05-13 15:40:29

Poverty alleviation supported by culture and tourism has been the focus of NPC deputies, CPPCC members, and the general public, said Li Jinzao, vice minister of Chinese culture and tourism, at a routine policy briefing by the State Council on Saturday.

Online exhibition showcases splendid Hubei in South Korea

2020-05-13 15:55:23

The China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched an online exhibition on Hubei's natural wonders and cultural heritage, trying to help local people to appreciate the beauty of Hubei in a most convenient way.

The Great Wall mystery solved

2020-05-13 07:59:28

Award-winning new book with eye-catching graphics answers key questions and shows the iconic monument in a manner that is easily digested, Li Yingxue reports.

The wind of change

2020-05-13 07:59:56

Traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, is enjoying a popular revival thanks to the power of social media, Chen Nan reports.

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